Outdoor Kickboxing Bootcamp

Are you looking for a new, interesting, and fun way to get into better shape? Blast fat and tone muscle with StrikeCamp Fitness’s outdoor kickboxing bootcamp classes.
outdoor kickboxing bootcamp

Session Overview

Kickboxing Bootcamp classes meet in six-week sessions that increase in difficulty as you get stronger, build endurance, and get more and more adept with kickboxing techniques. See the class schedule for session dates and class times. Arrive 15 minutes early to the first class of the session to get your before photo taken and to record your before weight. We will take after photos and measure your final weight before the last class of the session.

You are guaranteed to see results if you attend three to four classes per week and give it your all—or your money back.

What to Expect

Expect to work hard for the entire hour…StrikeCamp Fitness bootcamp classes are designed to build strength, cardio conditioning, and blast fat fast. You will learn how to correctly kick and punch targets, execute bodyweight exercises, and even do some resistance training. We alternate intervals of high-intensity exercise with short periods of rest. By engaging in StrikeCamp Fitness classes three to four times a week, you can:

outdoor kickboxing bootcamp class

The hardcore kickboxing bootcamp crew on Thanksgiving morning.

  • significantly increase your aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • decrease your fasting insulin level and increase your insulin sensitivity
  • reduce your abdominal and subcutaneous fat

These fitness bootcamp classes are intense but always different, so you get a great workout without ever getting bored.

See the list of frequently asked questions to determine if these classes are for you.

What to Prepare

Bring a pair of protective (i.e., MMA or striking) gloves, a water bottle, a yoga mat (if you are uncomfortable doing ground exercises without one), and a towel. Wear comfortable fitness apparel and sneakers. You may also want to apply sunscreen prior to the daytime classes. A small number of loaner gloves will be available if you don’t own a pair.

Register Online

Registration for StrikeCamp Fitness kickboxing bootcamp classes is easy. Start by submitting your registration online, then pay for the session or class you would like to attend. You will be directed to the purchase page once you submit the registration form. After that, all you need to do is show up to class ready to sweat!

Session Rates

Classes per week Session rate Cost per week
1 day per week $72 only $12 per week!
2 days per week $120 only $20 per week!
3 days per week $144 only $24 per week!  *Money-back guarantee*
4 days per week $168 only $28 per week!  *Money-back guarantee*

Drop-in class:  $15

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Student Testimonials
"I started taking the kickboxing bootcamp class in April '12 after joining AmeriKick Lansdale's cardio kickboxing classes in January '12. The interval training and body weight exercises have helped me lose over a pant size, drop 15 lbs. so far, increase my flexibility, and tone my muscles. The best part of the class is that it is outdoors in a local park, which can make the class demanding but different each time. Heather does a great job pushing each client at their level of ability. Each class you take is demanding yet unpredictable of what exercise we will do next so I am never bored.

Heather's class is fun, challenging, burns tons of calories and a great stress reliever. I recommend StrikeCamp Fitness classes to everyone — regardless of age or agility!"


Kristen P.,